Badminton history

History of Badminton | Secrets you don’t know about badminton

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History of Badminton | Secrets you don't know about badminton

History of badminton
History of badminton

Badminton is one of the most ancient games as The history of badminton contains references to the game of the shuttlecock found in the writings of ancient Greece, China, Japan, India, and African countries.

Japanese residents played a sport called Oybane; it was necessary to throw a shuttlecock out of several feathers and a bone of dried cherry with wooden rackets. 

The game was known in France under the name “Jeu de paume” (apple game).

In this article, NOTBADMINTON will tell you the entire badminton history, changes that happened to the sport and the modern form of official badminton organization.

Badminton history in different countries

China - 5th century BC

In the 5th century BC, people in China played a game called “Ti Jianzi “, which translates as the words “legs” and “shuttlecock.” and played nowadays under the name of “chinese hacky sack”.

As the name implies, the goal of the sport is to keep the shuttle from hitting the ground by kicking it. 

Maybe this sport is not directly related to badminton, but it was the first game in history that uses shuttlecock.

Sweden - 17th century

In Sweden, Queen Cristina liked the feather ball so much, so in 1650 the first badminton court was built not far from the royal palace. 

The queen often played badminton with her courtiers and foreign guests. The first badminton court can now be seen in Stockholm, it is the property of the church.

In the 17th century, playing Battledore and Shuttlecock was the entertainment of the high society in England and many European countries. 

In this game, two participants interrupted each other a shuttlecock through the simplest grid. The goal of the game was to get as many blows as possible without dropping the shuttlecock to the ground.

India - 19th century

In the 1860s, a game called “Poona” was popular in India. This game is very similar to the English sport “battledore and shuttlecock “, but with the addition of a net. 

This game was very popular among English army officers who served in India in the 1860s.

England - 19th century

English officers on their return home established an officer club for playing badminton.

Modern badminton originated in the UK. In 1873, in the town of Bloomington, Glasgow County, England, there was a Duke named Bowford.

When he opened a garden party in his territory, several retired officers who came back from India introduced the new net game. There was a huge interest in the game.

Because this activity was very interesting, it quickly became popular in the social field of the upper class.

USA- 19th century

Badminton started in USA in 1878 by formation of the Badminton Club of New York, which was considered as a meeting place for the society leaders of New York.

In 1930, many Hollywood celebrities start to play badminton, which made the popularity of the game to increase incredibly.

In 1936, The American Badminton Association was organized. Later changed to USBA in 1978, and then USA Badminton in 1996.

In this list, you can know the history of the U.S. national championships

Modern history of badminton - Official Era

1898 - The first official badminton tournament

The history of modern badminton begins in England. “Badminton” became the name of English badminton.

In 1893, 14 badminton clubs in the UK formed the Badminton Association, the predecessor of the All England Open.

The first official badminton tournament was held in 1898, and a year later, the England Open Badminton Championship was held.

1934 - Formation of the International Badminton Federation (IBF)

The first major tournament in the badminton history was held in 1948. The tournament was called the Thomas Cup (men’s team badminton world championship). Sir George Thomas donated the cup in 1939. 

Since then, the number of events in the world of badminton has increased significantly. 

The Uber Cup (Women’s Team World Badminton Championship), which was contributed by the former English champion Mrs. H.S. Uber,

World Badminton Championship, Sudirman Cup (World Badminton Championship among mixed teams), World Junior Championship, super-series badminton tournaments appeared. 

Currently IBF renamed to BWF (badminton world federation).

1966 - Inclusion of badminton in the program of the Commonwealth Games

Badminton was introduced into the program of the Commonwealth Games (international sports competitions of the Commonwealth countries held every four years.

And in terms of the number of participants and the volume of performances second to the Summer Olympic Games), held in Jamaica in 1966. 

The program of the Games included four disciplines of badminton – singles (men, women), doubles (men, women). 

Mixed team competitions added to the program of the subsequent Commonwealth Games.

1992 - Inclusion of badminton in the program of the Olympic Games

Badminton is a relatively new Olympic sport.

Badminton was first demonstrated at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

The first official Olympic competitions in the badminton history were held in Barcelona in 1992 in singles and doubles.

Mixed doubles competitions were added at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Since the appearance of badminton at the Olympics in 1992, athletes from the countries of China, Denmark, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands and Russia have won medals for this sport as reported by website.

The program of the Games included four disciplines of badminton – singles (men, women), doubles (men, women), along with para badminton compitions. 

Mixed team competitions added to the program of the subsequent Commonwealth Games.

Badminton is one of the most popular sports around the world with a wonderful history due to its simple rules and affordable equipment, which make more and more people to practice it in their leisure time.

Enjoy your game and always remember “with notbadminton, Badminton is not bad”.