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Best badminton set 2019 | complete guide to buy and setup

Best badminton set 2019 - complete guide to buy and setup

Before talking about the best badminton set available in the market, you should consider some basic points to choose the most suitable badminton set for you.

First of all, you should have some knowledge about the badminton set you are going to buy, what is the component of this set, is it easy to setup, the material of components, is it used for recreation only or can be used in professional games and what is the equipment used in badminton?

Furthermore, you should know what badminton is, is it easy to play, how can you play the game, what is the benefits of badminton and at which level do you intend to play?

After reading this article, you will know exactly what do you need to start playing badminton, and which badminton set is best for you? So let us start.

Badminton equipment​

Badminton is a racket sport that can be played both outdoors and indoors. According to the number of participants, it can be divided into singles (2 players) and doubles (4 players).

To start playing badminton, you should have the following things:

1- Badminton court

You should have a space for a badminton court, which may be wood, grass as in backyards or sand as on beaches. The official badminton court is rectangular shape divided by the net in the middle. 

As mentioned by BWF (Badminton World Federation), the length of the court is 44 feet (13.4 meters) and the width is 17 feet (5.18 meters) for singles and increased to 20 feet (6.1 meters) in double matches.

2- Badminton net

The net is the barrier that separates the field of badminton between a player and his opponent, which is composed of longitudinal and transverse cords made from nylon, cotton or plastic.

The official badminton net measures 20 feet long for doubles and 17 feet for singles , 39 inches (3.25 ft) tall and the distance from the ground to the highest point of the net is (5 feet, 1 inch) as mentioned by BWF (Badminton world federation).

3- Badminton racket

Badminton racket is used to hit the shuttlecock to the opponent’s field. It is composed of a head with strings, a stick (shaft), a handle and a joint between the frame and the stick. 

The length of a racket is not more than 68 cm, in which the length of the racket shaft is not more than 41 cm, the length of the frame is 28 cm, and the width is 23 cm.

badminton racket
Badminton racket

4- Badminton shuttlecock (ball)

The badminton shuttlecock is the ball of the badminton game, which is made of 16 goose feathers arranged to form an open cup and a half-spherical base made of a rubber foam material.

The length of the feathers ranges from 62mm to 70mm and the diameter between the ends of the feathers should be between 58 to 68mm.

The shuttlecock may be also synthetic from nylon, but not used in professional matches due to its heaviness. Instead, the synthetic birdie used in nonofficial competitions and by beginners as it is not easy to be destroyed unlike the formal one and also cheaper.

5- Badminton shoes

As you will use your feet too much while playing badminton, it is important to wear a comfortable shoes to help your stability during attacking and defending and also to avoid injury. 

If you will play in an official badminton court, you will need specific badminton shoes, which is made from non-marking material.

6- Badminton attire

A comfortable cotton t-shirt and pair of shorts are so sufficient. However, some players may prefer to add some accessories as hand grips, ankle guards or wrist bands.

Where to setup your own outdoor badminton court?

Outdoor badminton court can be easily setup on different types of grounds, but take care from the following points regarding the place you will use:

  • Grass grounds: Make the lawn short, as it is easy to play on it.
  • Hard – Cement grounds: Try to make it in a place with shadows or cool it before the match to avoid the hotness of the sun.
  • Dirt – Sand grounds: Remove any rocks before playing to avoid falling down and injuries.

Components of any badminton set

Most of badminton set will contain the following:

Badminton net – 2 poles – Rackets – Shuttlecocks – Carrying bag. 

Some will have boundaries, stakes, additional volleyball set.

The best badminton set review

Choosing these products as the best badminton sets available online on the market based on many factors will be explained here:

  • The quality of the product
  • Reviews from real customers on amazon
  • Personal experience
  • The popularity of the manufacturer

The best badminton set is a 2-in-1 volleyball badminton set from Baden Company, which is a known sports company.

Product components

When you purchase this item, you will get the following:

  1. Regulation Size Volleyball/Badminton Net,
  2. Two adjustable Poles,
  3. Two metal Stakes,
  4. One Baden Match Point Volleyball,
  5. Four tournament Quality Badminton Racquets,
  6. Three nylon Shuttlecocks,
  7. boundary lines, and
  8. a carrying case
Baden badminton set

Product review

This awesome badminton set comes with a high quality sturdy items that will last for years with you. The Baden Sports Company put all its technology to produce this volleyball badminton set to give you an ultimate versatility in backyard games with quick setup and transition from volleyball to badminton.

Let us take a deeper look on each component of the product in details:

The net:

It comes with dimensions as the official regulation size. What does this mean? It means that the volleyball/badminton net will be the same as you see in real matches with dimensions accepted by official federations of the games.

The official volleyball net measures 32 feet long from pole to the other pole, 39 inches (3.25ft) tall and the distance from the ground to the highest point of the net is (7 feet, 11 5/8 inches) as mentioned by FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball).

The official badminton net is mentioned above.

The net is made of thick nylon cord, not plastic or cotton, seemingly professional grade. Rubberized plastic tapes on the top and bottom of the net that are well stitched on.

There are two sleeves of the same stuff for the poles to go through on both ends of the net.

There is also a tension line runs through the top of the net, which allows you to tighten it up and have a nice tight net in the end.

You should take care about the width and length of backyard if you decide to buy this volleyball/badminton net.

The poles:

The poles are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, made of powder-coated steel and painted with black color. Each pole comes in three sections, snapping securely together with built in clips, which makes it portable to adjust the height of the net easily. 

The poles are very rigid, sturdy and not easily to be bent.No need to dig in the ground to fix the pole as they come with stakes to secure it to the ground. 

The feet of the poles are durable plastic with a blunt spike on the bottom so they do not slip around. 

There is a plastic cap on the top along with a 1/4″ eye bolt for the securing lines and tension line. In addition, a nylon rope that hooks on the eye bolt at the top is present for more security.

Boundary lines and metal stacks:

The set comes with 1.25 inches wide, red nylon boundary line to be easy to identify, with a boundary spool for suitable storage, and durable metal stakes at each corner to fix the boundaries of the court. 

It is perfect for family picnics, yard games, camps, and social events.

It is too long to cover the official boundaries of volleyball court, which is 30 x 60 feet, and at the same time can be shorten to make the official size of the Badminton court 20 x 44 feet.

Carrying bag:

A nice heavy-duty thick nylon 1680-denier carrying bag with YKK zipper. It is resistant to different changes of weather to be suitable to outdoor vacations and has carry handles to be easy to hold.

Badminton equipment:

Four Badminton Rackets: Four Aluminum badminton rackets with powerful stings, so you can play a double match with 4 players. It is not seems to be as a professional badminton racket in some features, but still has a good quality that will last for long time.

Three nylon Shuttlecocks: The set contains three shuttlecocks made from nylon (synthetic). The quality is good and not easy to be destroyed.

The design of the shuttlecock make it light and move with a high speed that make the game interesting.

Badminton serve is the fastest serve in all racket games. 

Volleyball equipment:

One Baden Match Point Volleyball: Water resistant high quality ball in two colors, red and white, which is proper to play with it during night also.

Ball pump: To inflate the volleyball which is an easy to use.


  • High quality set
  • Complete set
  • Containing volleyball equipment
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Movable and convenient on any type of ground
  • Affordable price


  • Heavy to some extent
  • Need a wide place due to the its regulation size

You can also buy the badminton set alone from amazon without volleyball equipment that will cut off some dollars, the color of it is yellow.

Personally, I have bought the complete set from amazon since 2015. I use it nearly every week for 3 years now and still as it is.

Another badminton set from Zume Company. We recommend this set as It is small in size and not expensive, so If you do not have a large space in your backyard, or need a cheaper badminton set for your kids, this set is recommended for you.

Product component

  1. Two telescoping poles
  2. Four badminton rackets (2 red and 2 green)
  3. Two shuttlecock
  4. Badminton net
  5. Carrying case

Product review

The base:

A portable badminton set with freestanding plastic base that can be set up at any surface without any additional tools or stakes. The base is used also as the carrying bag that reduce the net weight of the badminton set. 

The lightweight of the base make it not stable at some occasions as in windy weather.

The net:

The width of the badminton net is about 10 feet only, which is not the badminton regulation size net. These small dimensions make it light in weight and easy to setup at any place no matter the width of it. 

However, the narrow boundaries may not be suitable for double games, particularly with adult players as may bump into each other. 

It is more recommended for single parties or teenagers.

Badminton rackets and shuttlecock:

Zume badminton set contains four official size badminton rackets in two different colors and two nylon shuttlecocks.

The Poles:

Two telescopic poles made of plastic, which make them fragile and easy to be destroyed.


  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to carry and setup
  • Suitable for Narrow backyards
  • The best portable badminton set


  • Not regulation size
  • Made of Plastic material
  • Poles are weak
  • Not stable

Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world being played by millions and millions of people around the world, so choose a badminton set and start to play with your family. You will find it very interesting.

Don’t Forget to share your opinion and experience, thank you.