how to play badminton as professional players

22 tips how to play badminton as professional players?

22 tips how to play badminton as professional players?

how to play badminton as professional players

Generally, Badminton looks like all other racket sports as “tennis, squash and table tennis”, you would get better with practice.

In this article, Not badminton will learn you how to play badminton as professional players even if you are still a beginner.

Here are 22 tips and tricks you should do to become a good badminton player:

1. Start with the basics

As a beginner, Start by learning the basics in badminton.

Learn about basic movements, how to move on the field, how to protect the field area, how to hold the racket and hit the shuttlecock, etc.

It is better to do this under the supervision of badminton coach.

2. Be your self

After learning the basic badminton techniques, don’t be afraid to add your own style to the game.

Be your self and remember, you are a unique person, and one day you will become a badminton hero.

3. Get it as a daily routine

Playing every day will help you to be in good form.

You will learn new techniques, increase your shot accuracy and velocity and you will increase your stamina.

Daily playing badminton will decrease the incidence of badminton injuries.

4. Good equipment will motivate you to play

Do not be stingy while buying badminton equipment.

Buy according to your budget, but always remember, original equipment will give you a better chance than your competitors.

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5. Learn how to serve

Service is one of the most important skills in badminton game, which you should fully master it.

If you hit a weak serve, this will give your opponent the chance to make an attacking shot and win the rally.

There are four different types of services in badminton:

- The low badminton serve

Use low serves to make the shuttle landing in front of your opponent near the net.

If you hit it correctly (just above the net), your opponent may lose the chance to run forward and smash the shuttle again to you.

- The high badminton serve

This type of serves aims to drop the shuttle at the back end of your opponent’s court.

If you do it correctly, your opponent will not be able to play a strong smash, a drop shot or lob is more expected.

- The flick serve (sharp serve)

A fake low serve used to trick the other player.
When you are in a position of low serve, you will make the shuttle to fly and go back.

- drive serve

Hit the shuttle quickly in a flat low manner over the net toward the back of the opponent’s service court.

Usually, professional players do not use this type, as their opponents are very fast.

Instead, beginners can use this type winning some points.

6. Learn foot movements

I consider it dance with choreography. Learn how to ‘move’ in the field and not run as It will make you faster and save a lot of your energy. 

Don’t play with the shuttlecock while practicing your leg movements.

It is an easy way to move in the following manner:

  • While you are waiting for the service from your opponent, open your legs slightly with one leg in front, and the other is behind.
  • Depend on your back leg to move to the front area when the shuttlecock come in front of you.
  • Depend on your front leg to move to the back area when the shuttlecock come backward.
  • Move 2-3 steps to backward to hit the shuttle.
  • Only one-step to the sides of the court while stretching your legs.
  • Move 2-3 steps to the front of the badminton field to catch the shuttle.

However, as a beginner, you can take more steps, but keep in mind to reduce it with practicing.

Also, try to make a balance between your speed of foot movements and your body balance.

Stretching the free hand, (the other hand is already holding the racket) will help you to make this balance and will enable you to return to the basic posture faster.

7. learn how to hold the racket

There are four basic techniques to hold the badminton racket in the right way: Forehand, backhand, American grip, and combination grip.

a. Forehand grip

Hold the racket by right or left hand, hold tightly (like shaking hands) with your hand sideways, make your thumb and index finger like “V” shape, while the little finger, ring finger and middle finger hold the racquet.

b. Backhand grip

Hold the racket in a tilted position just like in the forehand grip except that the thumb is behind the straight racket head and to the front of the index finger.

c. American grip

The position of the thumb and index finger attached to the handle of the racket like a mattress hitter, this position will produce a pretty hard smash punch.

d. Combination grip

It is not a new grip, but it is a combination of forehand and backhand.

Switching between forehand and backhand according to the arrival of the ball shuttlecock very quickly as professional players do.

Tip: Do not hold the badminton racket in a tight manner and try to hold it gently and relax your hand muscles.

If you do this, you can switch between types of grips so easily.

One more thing to do to improve your combination grip, practice it at home by changing your thumb position.

Always remember, the main difference between these techniques is your thumb position, as it will increase the strength of your strokes.

8. Body balance is very important

There are two factors will increase your rank while playing badminton:

i. Your speed:

It will help you to move faster in the court, but you need to keep your balance to avoid falling down

ii. Your power:

To hit good powerful smashes, and also, you need a balanced body to be able to knock the shuttle effectively.

9. Put the speed of the game under your control

The successful badminton player is a player who controls the game rhythm. Always try to control the speed of the badminton game according to your physical activity.

Do not play haphazardly just returning the shuttle to your opponent.
Plan your moves and focus on the next shot.

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10. Warm up before playing!

You should warm up before practicing as well as before playing a real game as it helps your muscles to be more flexible. This step is so important to avoid any muscle sprains while playing.

11. Concentrate on blows

Do not rush to play. First, practice 100 blows up, down, smash, etc., accurately. Increase your precision by drawing boxes with chalk and hit the shuttlecock in the right area.

Learn the punch from the book and practice it to perfection. Understand how to hold your racket (grip) (forehand, backhand, net) and use it during routine exercise and implement it into your games.

If you fail, repeat the process again and again. There is no such thing as a shortcut.

12. Watch skillful players

You can learn strategies, techniques, and tactics that are not in the book.

When you start playing, you should have time to learn new tactics and tricks through watching your opponents who play better than you and try to learn from them.
(where they hit the shuttle? timing, their playing styles).

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13. Try to play with people who are better than you

Sometimes, this can be very difficult, but it will make a huge difference in your game level.

You may lose, but you will be a better player at the end of each match.

14. Understand your opponent psychology

When you play, you also have to think about your opponent’s game, not just your game. 

Where will you get points? What are the strengths and weaknesses?
How do you play in the way you want?
How do you chase him/her in the wrong leg position?
When you stop thinking, you lose.

15. Don't focus on winning or losing during your early days

Your goal is to play well, minimize errors and make sure that the direction of the shuttlecock moves as you wish.

You might be able to win against a good player if he made a lot of unintentional mistakes or he wasn’t in good condition, but could that be called winning?

16. Play to win, not to lose

The more you play, the more you will understand why this is important.

Be confident and never give up! Half of the game is always played in the head, and most of it is determined by your attitude.

17. Play without points

When you start learning how to play badminton, don’t count the points in the first few days. Just focus on learning how to hit the shuttlecock in different directions.

Practice every day for all types of blows such as drop shot, bounce, body smash, simple smash, different services, etc.

18. Keep your body in shape

It is very important to be able to do well in the field. You can do this by Running, warming and exercising before playing.

Forget about the sport you will play and focus on exercising every day to be in a good form. You need to be an expert on this matter.

Playing badminton well requires flexibility, and therefore you have to practice every day.
Arms and shoulders also need to be strong to hit the smash powerfully during the game, while stretching helps you while jumping and playing a drop shot.

19. Start your career at a younger age

It is better to start to play at a young age as it will increase your chances to learn faster, master the game, and even become a champion.
However, you can start playing badminton at any age.

20. As a beginner, Don't enter badminton field in your first week

I assume that if someone is a beginner in the competitive world of badminton, he may not enter badminton in his training in the first week.

First, learn how to hold a badminton racket first. Learn how to hit the shuttlecock with it.

Week 1 to 1.5 must be filled with learning techniques to hold the racket and hit the shuttlecock with it.

21. After exercise, take rest and flex your muscles

This will help you to relax your muscles after an intense training session, restore your heart rate to normal and help prevent injury.
It also helps to wear warm clothes too!

22. Learn how to make a powerful jump smash

Badminton smash is the most powerful shot in offensive style technique, so you should practice it correctly.

When you apply it in your matches try to do the following:

– Hold the racket grip slightly.

– Avoid muscle tension and try to relax.

– While jumping, stretch your free hand and Lift both legs a little bit to make a body balance.

– Extent (stretch to backward) your racket holding arm as much as you can and try to make a good timing to hit the ball.

Have fun 🙂

Enjoy every moment while playing badminton and try to find new friends as well.

After applying all these points on a regular basis, start to play against other good players. In a short time, you will be able to play an excellent game if you stick to the basics.

These are 22 points that need to be followed to become a good badminton player. Hope this helps you to know how to play badminton as professional players 🙂 Good luck.

Don’t forget to share your opinion in comments.