Best badminton brands

The Secret Meanings Behind the best Badminton Brand Logos

The Secret Meanings Behind the best Badminton Brand Logos

Best badminton brands
Best Badminton rackets brands

When you decide to buy a badminton racket or badminton birdie, you will find many badminton brands in the market.

Each of those brands has a unique story, which led them to become the best badminton brands in the world.

If you pick up any badminton racket or badminton shoes, you will find a logo of one of those brands on it, which indeed has a hidden message in its design.

In the following article, not badminton will tell you the entire story of the best badminton brands and you will know all information about the best badminton racket brands, the best badminton shoe brands, and all other badminton equipment.

Top 10
badminton brands

1- Yonex

Brand Name: Yonex

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Established: 1946

Founder: Minoru Yoneyama

Business Scope: Sports Goods

Brand slogan: With High-quality Products, YONEX Will Continue to Enrich the World With Sports.

Official websites:
yonex store


Brand Name: Li Ning

Location: Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Established: 1990

Founder: Mr. Li Ning

Business Scope: Sportswear, Sports Shoes

Brand Slogan: Make the change.

Official websites:
li-ning store

3- Victor

Brand Name: Victor 

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Established: October 1968 

Founder: Mr. Chen Den Li.

Business Scope: Sports Goods 

Brand Slogan: Ready To Win.

Official websites:


Brand name: Adidas

Location: German

Established: 1949

Founder: Adolf Dassler

Type: sports goods manufacturer

Corporate slogan: Adidas is all in.

Official websites:
Adidas store

5- Head

Brand Name: HEAD

Brand Origin: Austria

Established Time: 1950

Founder: Howard Head

Business Scope: Winter Sports, Racket, Diving, etc.

Slogan: Excellent performance stems from excellence in technology.

Official websites:
Head store


Brand Name: KARAKAL 

Brand Origin: Belgium

Established Time: 1978 

Founder: Roger Vercambre

Business Scope: Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, clothes, footwear etc.

Official websites:
Karakal store


Brand Name: PRO ACE

Headquarters Location: UK 

Established time: 1978 

Business Scope: Sportswear, sports equipment, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, and other brands

Slogan: Make it happen.

Official websites:


Brand Name: Yehlex 

Brand Origin: UK 

Established Time: 1985 

Founder: Lan Little 

Business Scope: Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, clothes, footwear etc.

Official websites:
Yehlex store

9- Wilson

Brand Name: Wilson

Headquarters Location: Chicago, USA

Established: 1913

Founder: Thomas E. Wilson

Business Scope: Sports Goods, Sports Equipment, etc.

Official websites:
Wilson store

10- Kawasaki 

Brand Name: Kawasaki 

Headquarters Location: Japan 

Established time: 1915 

Business Scope: Badminton Supplies 

Concept: Health, Confidence, Transcendence, Harmony.

Official websites:
Kawasaki store

After this quick look at the best badminton brands which produces the best badminton rackets and badminton birdie, let’s take a deeper look into these huge badminton brands.

The Best Badminton Brands

If you decide to play badminton, you should learn some tips to be a good badminton player. In addition, you should buy a good quality badminton racket to help you to beat your opponents.

badminton logo
Best Badminton rackets brands

1. Yonex

Yonex badminton logo

Meaning of the logo: The main recognition graphic of the Yonex badminton trademark is creative with the initial letter “Y” of the name “YONEX”.

The dots in the pattern represent “badminton Shuttle”, while the “Y” is the abstract graphic of the badminton racket.

The graphics reflect the characteristics of the badminton shuttlecock, with blue and green as the brand color refers to the sky and grass.

Brand story: Yonex is a famous Japanese sports brand, founded in 1946. 

YONEX was originally called “Yoneyama”, and badminton fans all over the world used to call it “YY”, a shorthand trademark logo from the brand. 

Under the powerful impact of the KENNEX 787 racket, YONEX took the second half of Taiwan’s KENNEX brand name and eventually changed its name to the familiar YONEX.


LI-NING logo meaning and brand story

Meaning of the logo: Li Ning logo Li Ning brand meaning The overall design is composed of the first capital letters “L” and “N” of the Chinese pinyin “LI” and “NING”.

The main color is red, vivid, delicate, beautiful and rich. The dynamic and modern meaningfully reflects the vitality and enterprising spirit of the sports brand.

The symbolic meaning of the Li Ning brand trademark “the red flag” is the activity of youth, the passionate rhythm and vitality.

Brand Story: the gymnastics prince Li Ning founded the Li Ning brand in 1990. He created the myth of the world gymnastics history.

He has won 14 world championships and won more than 100 gold medals. He was a famous Chinese male gymnast.

In 1990, Mr. Li Ning founded Li Ning Company as a sports goods company, he was a well-known “gymnastic prince” in China. 

After many years of hardworking, Li Ning has gradually become a leading international sports brand company all over the world.

From the beginning of its establishment, it took the lead in establishing a franchise monopoly marketing system throughout the country to sponsor Chinese sports delegations to participate in various domestic and international competitions for many years.

And then in June 2004, Li Ning Company experienced the development and prosperity of Chinese national enterprises.

Since its inception, Li Ning has attached great importance to original design.

In 1998, he established the first clothing and footwear product design and development center and took the lead in becoming a self-developed Chinese sporting goods company.

In August 2004, the Hong Kong Design and Development Center was established to focus on designing Li Ning branded apparel products.

Moreover, maintain close cooperation with major universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

LI-NING brand vision: Li Ning Company intends to become an internationally competitive sporting goods brand.

As a sporting goods company, Li Ning Company is committed to the creation of professional sports goods with the desire and strength of sports to stimulate people’s breakthroughs and strives to make sports change life and pursue higher breakthroughs.

We uphold the corporate philosophy of “winning dreams”, “honesty and promise”, “our culture”, “excellent performance”, “consumer orientation” and “breakthrough”, and strive to build Li Ning into a leading global sporting goods company.

3. Victor

Victor brand

Meaning of the logo: The recognition pattern of the Victor logo is the deformation of the first letter of the brand name “Victor”, 

the “V” shape represents the structure of the badminton racket, the circle at the bottom represents the badminton shuttlecock, 

and the Slogan of Victor “Victory is in the grip (Ready To Win)”.

Brand Story: Founder Chen Den li graduated from the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, specializing in industrial production management. 

Chen Den li found that the badminton market had huge business opportunities, so he turned to the badminton market.

On October 10, 1968, he founded the Victory Badminton Club in Taiwan to produce and sell badminton. 

After four years of development, the products were sold to the Japanese market. In 1973, Shengli Sports Enterprise Co., Ltd. was formally established.

Based on the industrial production management expertise of successful universities, he dissected various aspects of badminton shuttles and researched them. 

Basic structures such as weight, length, depth, and angle of feather insertion and a standard production process.

Constantly improving and innovating products, Victor has become the number one badminton brand in Taiwan in a short period of time.

Victor is a famous sports brand in Taiwan and an excellent badminton brand. Victor focuses on the development, production, and sales of all tools and equipment for badminton.

4. Adidas

Meaning of the logo: Adidas three stripes logo

Adidas’ founder, Adolf Dassler, designed the Adidas three-striped logo and the three-striped Adidas logo represents the mountains, pointing to the desire to achieve challenges, achieve the future and continually achieve goals.

Brand Story: Adidas is a German sporting goods manufacturer and a member of Adidas AG. Named after its founder, Adolf “Adi” Dassler, in 1920, he began to produce footwear in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg. 

Registered on August 18, 1949, under the name Adidas AG. Two brothers originally opened Adidas. After parting ways, Adolf’s brother Rudolf Dassler opened the sports brand “puma”.

1920: Mr. Adi Dassler created the first pair of training sneakers; 1948: official registration of the Adidas brand; 1949: the three-striped logo came out; 1970: 

“Telstar” became the first designation of the World Cup Ball 1972: The clover logo came out;

Slogan: Its classic slogan was “Impossible is nothing”. In March 2011, the company invested 160 million euros to launch the new slogan –” Adidas is all in”.

5. Head

Head brand and its story

Head: HEAD Austria’s famous sports brand is a technology-driven sports brand. Head NV is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced sporting goods. 

Founded in 1950 by Howard Head, the Head brand covers a variety of sports: tennis, badminton, bicycles, cross-country, surfing, and water-skating. 

HEAD also develops and produces sportswear and related accessories, which are distributed worldwide. 

HEAD’s products are sold through more than 32,000 merchants in more than 80 countries, including a variety of sporting goods stores and wholesalers.

brand story: The HEAD brand dates back to 1950: Howard Head, the inventor of the metal skies, established the company. In the 1970s, Tyrolia skis and Mares diving equipment began to be produced. 

In the 1990s, Penn sports balls and Dacor diving equipment were incorporated and then expanded to badminton, tennis, squash and short racquetball.


KARAKAL logo meaning and brand story

KARAKAL logo meaning: The logo design came from the Turkish word “KARAKAL” which means the black ears. 

The word has 3A letters; the outside pair refers to the Black ears, while the middle one contains a dot interpreting the badminton shuttlecock. 

The original logo was a lynx but changed to this one in 2002. 

Brand story: KARAKAL brand was originally owned by the SPGS Company Dendermonde Belgium. The Karakal logo appeared in the range of racquets, shoes, and clothing. 

The distribution of its products began in England around 1981 when British Karakal was founded, during 1985 they obtained marketing and distribution rights to supply the British and Irish markets. 

Karakal Worldwide Limited was founded in 1991 and at that time bought trading rights worldwide. 

One of the best badminton rackets it produces is “Karakal BN60” which is a special racket specifically for multiple players.


PRO ACE brand introduction: Since its inception in 1978, the PROACE brand has been supplying good quality golf, tennis, squash and badminton products and supplies to professional athletes and sports enthusiasts all over the world.

PRO ACE’s product features: PROACE’s products cover sportswear, sports equipment, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, etc. 

Its products have been successfully sold to many stores in the world for many years. 

At the same time, the products of PROACE in Asia are more popular and become the market leader.

Brand vision: ORIGINAL INTENT, as they say, is “Follow the World Wide Trend and Leading Technical Standards”. 

We provide exceptional products for the worldwide sportsmen by its newest styles, excellent quality and reasonable prices.

8. Yehlex

YEHLEX Story: Yehlex is a Taiwan company that produces golf, squash, tennis and badminton equipment. 

Yehlex (United Kingdom) was founded in 1985 by Ian Little. Now, the company has produced about forty rackets, 35 of them made of carbon graphite construction. 

Yehlex sponsors various organizations throughout the badminton season. Some of them include “Badminton Bonanzas”, “English schools tournaments”, and “Badminton England’s Intercounty championships”.

9. Wilson

brand introduction: Wilson is a famous American sports brand – “Hundred Years Sports Expert”. 

It is a top international sports brand and one of the leaders in the international sports equipment manufacturing industry. 

Wilson products help more and more athletes to achieve success in all levels of the world, making it the focus of the world sports field. 

Wilson’s main sports products include basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, badminton, rugby, golf and sports gear.

10. Kawasaki

brand introduction: Kawasaki (KAWASAKI) sports industry was founded in 1915, has nearly a hundred years a of sports brand, has the world’s leading technology and outstanding sports products, and is one of the world’s leading brands. 

The first carbon racquet was manufactured by Kawasaki (KAWASAKI), which led the entire badminton industry carbon era. 

Kawasaki (KAWASAKI) always adheres to the philosophy of health, confidence, transcendence, and harmony. 

It has been recognized by badminton enthusiasts all over the world for more than 100 years.

logo meaning: Kawasaki’s trademark identifies the brand’s English name “KAWASAKI” with the initial letter “K”, with red as the brand’s recognition color.

Kawasaki brand product features: Kawasaki represents the highest manufacturing technology of Japanese badminton rackets, and the badminton industry has evaluated Japan’s Kawasaki as the second largest in the world.

The world’s first carbon fiber badminton racket is from the Kawasaki (KAWASAKI) brand; currently, the racket manufacturing technology has surpassed the one-dimensional power.

This new technology led to a huge change in control mode, swing speed, reverse switch, ball control ability, strike power and rebound performance, which became excellent.

In addition, the latest large oval frame design has excellent shock absorption and comfortable feel, showing greater control and more powerful smash.