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Best badminton players | secrets of success

Best badminton players | secrets of success

badminton players

Have you ever wondered what kind of feelings best badminton players have before a decisive match or a final match point? How can those players manage their stress inside the court? What is the difference between them and other badminton players in this matter?

You should know that stress management is the key of success, not only in badminton, but also in different aspects of life. Notbadminton will go deep and tell you how best badminton players deals with stresses inside and outside the court.

In fact, these are the same emotions that each of us experiences in the face of something important – an interview, a public speech or another event that takes us out of the comfort zone. 

Different ways to deal with tension

Stress management is an art that can turn a good badminton player into a champion. Of course, not everyone owns it equally.

Professional badminton players have a different ways to deal with stress and manage it. Here are some different secrets of their feelings, try to learn from them according to your personality.


The clearest example is Carolina Marin (Spanish professional badminton player, Olympic Champion, three-time World Champion, four-time European Champion and a former World’s No. 1 in BWF rankings for the women’s singles), which masterfully switches from normal to combat. 

On the court, she is a completely different person – a real warrior, noisy and reckless. Excessive pressure only inflames her will to fight.

Carolina Marin
Carolina Marin


Nozomi Okuhara (The Japanese badminton player, bronze medalist in the 2016 Olympics and the 2017 world champion in Glasgow, Scotland) overcomes stress by directing all its strength to concentration.

It fully focuses on the next movement, on the next draw. Sometimes you can notice how, before serving or after a long rally, she stops, breathes deeply and talks to herself, either repeating tactics, or uttering words of encouragement. Obviously, in her case it helps.

Nozomi Okuhara
Nozomi Okuhara

Emotional stability (Confidence)

Viktor Axelsen
Viktor Axelsen

Viktor Axelsen (Danish badminton player, the 2010 World Junior Champion) approaches the question a little differently. He learned to hide his emotions and demonstrate that he is the master of the situation through body language. 

After his victory in Glasgow, Victor said, “During the final match with Lin Dan I was holding on confidently, but inside me, I was shaking like a little child.” 

This example shows that even an irresistible excitement can be at least partially controlled, so as not to give the opponent a psychological advantage.

The secret is in pleasure?!

Some players cope with stress in a different way, which can be associated with a particular philosophy of the game.

Take, for example, Tai Tzu Ying (the youngest No. 1 in Taiwanese badminton history) or Ratchanok Intanon (a Thai badminton player, world champion in women’s singles in 2013). 

In any situation, they are supported by one simple and delightful fact: they enjoy the game wholeheartedly. These girls go to court with a smile and a desire not only to give everything 100%, but also to have a great time. 

TAI Tzu Ying
TAI Tzu Ying

The game remains a game, no matter what is at stake. That is why they so often use tricks and creative techniques.

Commentators described Ratchanok Intanon by “balletic” due to her light footwork and relaxed hitting motion.

Ratchanok Intanon

Often you can see how they smile at their opponents after a particularly long and complicated draw, without even getting a cherished point. It says a lot. Of course, the match results are important to them, but at the same time, they never forget to enjoy the game.

Perhaps this is just what badminton coaches should instill in players from an early age. It is the pleasure of the game, like nothing else, helps to withstand all the preparation and to overcome the excitement at crucial moments. Doubt? Ask Lee Chong Wei (LCW).

Lose concentration and you will lose the game

Sometimes the tension is so great that it is impossible to cope with it in everyday ways: it is not enough just to take a deep breath or, for example, think about something pleasant.

Real example

Just such an internal state a few months ago played a cruel joke with Lee Chong Wei, knocking him out of the badminton world championship after the first match. 

From the very beginning, it was clear that the Malaysian is under tremendous stress. His non-verbal signals did not deceive anyone: he was nervous and worried, while his opponent openly enjoyed the game.

The contrast was really conspicuous. Brice Leverdez (The French badminton player) smiled while talking to himself and his teammates, and even joked on camera after winning the first game. 

Apparently, the Frenchman successfully got rid of the tension, switching to the mode of carelessness and fun.

LCW Vs Brice Leverdez
LCW Vs Brice Leverdez

His opponent, on the contrary, drowned in the flow of his own thoughts. Naturally, this was reflected in his game, especially in the third installment, when Chong Wei crossed out his chances of winning with a series of unforced errors.

On the eve of this championship, the media presented him for months as the last chance for Chong Wei to get the desired title, invariably emphasizing how important this is for his country. 

Apparently, the legendary Malaysian simply could not face all those tensions.

Tips to release stress

After you know how top badminton players release the stress, here are few tips to help you in the court and change you from amateur badminton player to a professional one.

  1. Trust yourself and be confident,
  2. Focus on your strengths and think about it,
  3. Prepare yourself well before the competition, both physically and mentally,
  4. Don’t give up even if you lose a game or some points,
  5. Keep your focus on you, your play and your game,
  6. Switch between styles of stress management to find the most suitable form for you,
  7. Learn different badminton techniques and master it,
  8. Enjoy your game.

There is nothing like playing a game for stress release, particularly Badminton, as it has many benefits on the health, so play your game as a game and enjoy it.

Famous badminton players & their badminton rackets

And now, let’s tell you about the famous badminton players and the rackets they preferred:

World top badminton players (Single)

Famous badminton players (single)Badminton rackets usedsome of achievements
Lin DanLI-NING 3D BREAK-FREE 90IIItwo-time Olympic champion in badminton 2008, 2012
Lee Chong Wei YONEX DUORA 10three-time Olympic medalist
Chen LongLI-NING WOODS N80Olympic badminton champion 2016
Viktor AxelsenYONEX DUORA Z-STRIKEbadminton world champion 2017
Srikanth KidambiYONEX VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱchampion YONEX French Open Superseries 2017
Shi YuqiLI-NING Turbo Charging N7champion France SuperSeries 2016

World top badminton players (Double)

Famous badminton players (Doubles)Badminton rackets usedsome of achievements
Mathias BoeYONEX ARCSABER 11European badminton champion 2017
Kevin Sanjaya SukamuljoYONEX ARCSABER 11champion of BWF World Superseries Finals 2017
Christinna PedersenYONEX DUORA 7European badminton champion 2017
Carsten MogensenYONEX VOLTRIC 70 E-tuneEuropean badminton champion 2017
Kamilla Rytter JuhlYONEX DUORA 10European badminton champion 2017
Marcus Fernaldi GideonYONEX ASTROX 77champion of the BWF World Superseries Finals 2017
Fu HaifengLI-NING N9 IIchampion of the 2012 Olympic Games
Zhang NanLI-NING N7 II, LI-NING STORM N70champion of the 2012 Olympic Games